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Madeline Hardus  Nutritionist & Lifestyle CoachMadeleine Hardus, Ph.D
Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach
07984 161 003

Nutrition & Lifestyle modifications can be very effective to address a wide range of symptoms. Madeleine works in the following areas: digestive system (e.g. heartburn, IBS, bloating), weight loss, blood sugar imbalance/diabetes, muscle and bone health, (chronic) fatigue, cancer, detox, and thyroid issues. With every client Madeleine adjusts the healing protocol to the specific needs, symptoms and cultural heritage the client has. Together with integrated education and motivation, it will set the stage for long lasting results.

Often times symptoms manifest in a different realm than that of the root cause, therefore it's crucial to work holistically and systematically using tracking tools and other techniques. Madeleine will guide you through this process with lifestyle tweaks, on-the-go power recipes, ideas for new habits and will directly provide natural food-derived supplements, among other things.

Don't forget… you are not what you eat, but what your body can do with what you eat. Madeleine will work in tandem with your medical team if wished for.

Special Interest
Digestive system (from top to bottom). Madeleine has a special interest in uncovering the root cause of the problem. She is passionate about working on each unique case and to help the client feel better step by step.

Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching

1. Nutrition and Health, Bachelor course, Amsterdam University (the Netherlands) 2003
2. Master of Science in Behavioural Biology, MSc, University of Utrecht (the Netherlands) 2009
3. Doctorate in (great ape) diet and the evolution of human diet, Ph.D., University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) 2012
4. Orthomolecular Nutrition Therapy, Ortho Institute (the Netherlands) 2014
5. Digestive Intensive Graduate, Holistic Nutrition Lab (USA) 2016

Fridays: 9.30-11.00
Saturdays: 10.30-12.00

Adult: Initial consultation (1hr): £65
Follow-up (30min): £35
Child: Initial consultation (1hr): £50
Follow-up (30min): £30
(Concessions available for families)

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