ANNA BOBAK  Counselling
07968 460 176

Counselling Session,  £45
All sessions are 50 minutes

Anna is currently only working online from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Counsellor Member of COSCA (Membership No. 3614)
MSc in Pluralistic Counselling (2019) 
Child Counselling – accredited by the International Assoc. of NLP & Coaching (2017) 
PGDip in Language and Communication Research (2002) 
MA Honours Linguistics (2001) 

I am trained in Pluralistic Counselling. Pluralism is a way of thinking about therapy that has emerged in recent years. It is based on the assumption that no one therapeutic approach has the monopoly on understanding the causes of distress or on the most helpful therapeutic responses. Instead, it suggests that different clients are likely to want, and benefit from, different things in therapy. Counselling is appropriate if you are experiencing stress, identity issues, bereavement, loss, problems with self-esteem, relationship difficulties, family-related issues, anxiety and depression. I have a special interest in journal therapy and the therapeutic benefits of writing. This can mean using your own writing as a starting point and focus for our therapeutic work if this is something you would find helpful.